Prayer Letter March 2018

Dear pastor and church

Greetings from Zambia in the name of our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Blessings and trials

The last few weeks have been very busy with many ministry and many personal responsibilities. By God’s grace we were finally able to find a new house for rent, which was something we had been praying about. We had been looking around for a new place for weeks but everything was outside our budget, nonetheless, God answered our prayers and provided a very spacious place which will allow us to accommodate the many visitors we may be receiving this years and next year (pastors, future missionaries and friends). However, with the blessing of a new house came also some more blessings in the form of the testing of our patience. Our house is a little old and the owners never mentioned some repairs that were needed as well as some debts that the house had; it is unfortunate how dishonest many people are here when it comes to houses for rent. Nonetheless, little by little the Lord has provided for the repairs (the owners agreed that we can deduct some of the cost from the rent) and has also given us the patience to endure living among a house often without running water (the owner has a $700 usd water bill debt that we have to pay), electricity problems, smell of chicken manure in the back yard, etc. Please continue praying for the Lord to provide for the needed repairs, as well as the patience to go through this.

Central Africa Baptist College

As far as our ministry at Central Africa Baptist College, by God’s grace things continue to move forward.
God has given us students from 9 different African countries which will someday be taking the Gospel to different parts of Africa. Therefore, we ask you to pray that the Lord would continue to use us as we train these future servant-leaders for great commission living.
As of right now, CABC is conducting back to back one week-long block classes for chaplains. It is amazing to see more than one hundred chaplains coming to get training several times a year. We have chaplains from the army, police, and prisons. This is a great step towards the ongoing fulfillment of our goal as an institution of training the next generation of servant-leaders in Africa for great commission living.
Also, on the 23rd of this month I will begin teaching a new class which will basically be a survey of the major doctrines of the faith. We ask you to pray for the Lord to give me wisdom to prepare the class, as well as the help needed to manage all the responsibilities, including 3 other class that I currently teach.

Training Missionaries

Another blessing we have received recently is that The Lord gave us the opportunity for the first time to directly train a prospective missionary. Rachel is a young girl that has the desire to go to India as a missionary and is therefore spending 3 months with us to learn about missions and missionary life. We need much wisdom to be able to teach her and to be an example to her of what a biblical missionary should be. We are also learning many new things, so we again ask for your prayers in this matter.

New Church plant

The preparations for the new church plant are still underway. As we mentioned before, we wish to plant the new church in conjunction or under Faith Baptist Church of Riverside, here in Kitwe, Zambia (our church in Mindolo was also planted under this church). Our sending church and the church here in Zambia desire to continue partnering to see more Zambian churches established. We have agreed that through us this partnership will continue on to see the Gospel go forth in this part of Zambia. Therefore, we praise God for allowing us to be the connection between churches in different parts of the world as we mediate between these 2 churches we love so dearly.

A few days ago we visited and surveyed the area where we wish to plant the new church. We shared the gospel with some people and for several hours we also interviewed many about their spiritual condition and their opinion about the possibility of a new church being planted in the area. Since this is a very religious country, many people responded with excitement, especially when we explained that we would not be preaching any prosperity “gospel”. Since it is a new and rapidly growing area, there only 2 churches: Jehovah Witnesses and a health and wealth “gospel church”. Thus, there is real need for a Gospel-preaching church in that area of the city.

By God’s grace, we wish to commence before the summer starts, so we ask you to pray for this so that the Lord may work everything out for his glory and the salvation of many.

We would also ask you to pray for the Lord to provide a place where we can meet as we begin the church. There is a school nearby but it is the place where the “prosperity gospel church” is currently meeting. However, two people from the community said they would like us to start Bible studies with them and they would allow their house to be used for others to come and hear the Word, so that is probably our best option for now. Please intercede for us in this matter.

Other ministries

A few days ago, the Lord gave us the privilege of preaching at a conference in a village nearby where 14 churches from many villages (some very remote) came together for 2 days of preaching and fellowship. We praise God for allowing us to challenge hundreds to turn to Christ, as well as to encourage the believers in their Christian walk.

Finally, we want to thank all of you who have prayed and supported Paola’s ministry to the orphanages in Kitwe. The Lord continues to bless these efforts and she has been able to help some orphans with food and other needs. The most important thing is that it gives us a chance to create relationships and share the Gospel as well.

Prayer requests

  • Please pray as we prepare to start a new church plant soon. That the Lord may direct us and Faith Baptist Church of Riverside in the decision making process.
  • Pray for the Lord to provide for a place to begin meetings when we are ready.
  • Please pray for the students at CABC, especially those who struggle with the provision of their material needs.
  • Pray for my wife and the ministry to the orphans.