Prayer Letter Nov-Dic

Dear prayer partners:

We hope this letter finds you well and enjoying the many blessings that come from above, especially this season when we remember the birth of our Lord who took on human form to live and die for our sins, glory be to our Emmanuel!

The past few weeks have brought many changes in our lives as a missionary family, some of them good and others a bit more challenging. As many of you already know, I went back to Zambia the first week of August to teach a couple of classes and get the planning for the new church plant started. Nonetheless, after 3 months, I had to come back to Mexico to finish our son’s paperwork and to take care of some health issues. By God’s grace, after so much waiting time and paperwork, we finally have Asher’s Mexican passport which officially concludes the process of his citizenship. This was a great answer to prayer, since we are now able to travel to Zambia together as a family to serve the Lord for years to come. Praise be to our great God!
Some Challenges
As far as my health, some of you know that I have been struggling for a while and it pleased our Lord that I would continue to endure some discomfort. After I came back from Zambia, the doctors ran some tests and it turned out that I have a bacteria in my stomach that I got in Zambia a while back, but that has now become very aggressive in my body and has also caused much discomfort in the last few months. I underwent some treatment, but it did nothing to the bacteria and it has become immune to some antibiotics, so the bacteria is still there and very much alive. The only option now is to do a culture procedure to determine which antibiotic will work. However, this cannot be done right away since my body has to be free of any medication for a few months before they do the procedure, but the doctor has given me a 4-month treatment to control the symptoms. Therefore, I will not get the proper medication for several months, so we ask you to pray for us. We do thank God, however, that at least the symptoms are now controlled and I feel very well, but we do have to attack the bacteria once they do the culture procedure sometime probably in the fall of 2018.

Our Time in Mexico
The last 2 months in Mexico have been a real blessing to us. We were able to visit some churches to promote missions and to share the burden for the country of Zambia as well. But we are also very thankful for the time we were able to spend serving our sending church in Monterrey through much evangelism, discipleship, and encouragement. Our church has the vision of becoming a model for missions and ministry among Mexican churches and I believe it’s doing a great job at it. We helped write the missions policies and procedures for the church, as well as a few other things, all of which made our relationship with the church grow even deeper. It has been a real pleasure for us to be a part of what the Lord is doing in Mexico through our church

Ministries in Zambia
As far as the ministries in Zambia, we thank God for what he continues to do there. Central Africa Baptist College just held its annual leadership conference where hundreds of African leaders received a week of theological training and encouragement through the preaching of the Word. It was also a blessing to see this year the biggest graduating class so far, including several chaplains that have been trained at the college. Our God is so good!
Lord willing this coming semester I will be teaching Poetic Books and one Systematic Theology class, as well as overseeing a master’s class, so we ask you to pray for us and the students to be filled with the knowledge of God’s Word to be better equipped to fulfill the great commission in Africa.
We would also ask you to pray for our plans to begin a new church plant in March of 2018. We already have the area of the city where we want to start the church; we will be partnering with Faith Baptist Church of Riverside, Kitwe to plant it. We also thank God for Mr. Collins Mubanga, a CABC student who will be working together with us. His loves the Lord and has a passion for evangelism so we pray that our partnership will result in many people becoming disciples of our Lord. Our vision is to reproduce what was done at the church in Mindolo—preach the Gospel, train workers, teach the Word, strengthen the new believers and then move on to start a new church 3 years later. But we do place our plans under the Lord’s sovereign control knowing that salvation is of the Lord.

Moving Forward
If it’s the will of our Lord, we plan on arriving in Zambia on the 6th of January to continue serving the Lord for years to come. We ask you to continue praying for as we try to adjust back to life in Zambia after being gone for a long time and as we strive to be faithful ambassadors of our Lord in this great nation.


Prayer Requests:

  • For good health to be able to continue serving God for many years
  • For the new church that will begin in March of 2018
  • For the new semester at CABC which begins the end of January
  • For our transition back to Zambia